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Scott's current primary musical project is Brehdren. The nine member family like band craft their own unique take on the fun and entertaining genre of ska music.

Hear a sampling of Scott's voice work.

Voice Talent

"A cartoon character!" was Scott's favorite answer when asked as a child what he'd like to be when he grew up. Now he takes every opportunity to provide character voices and doing voice overs for a variety of personal projects and student work.

Scott E. Moil | Discography 1994-2014

Discography 1994-2014

Scott has produced and participated in multitudes of musical projects. Click the image to visit a web page dedicated to 20 years of his explorations in from as far back as 1994.

Visual Disciplines

Behold! A collection of images representing many of Scott's forays into various visual disciplines. Click any image for a different view.