Voice Talent

"A cartoon character!" was Scott's favorite answer when asked as a child what he'd like to be when he grew up. Now he takes every opportunity to provide character voices and doing voice overs for a variety of personal projects and student work.

VanArts Broadcasting Program

Students attending the Broadcasting for Web, Radio and Television Program at VanArts write, direct and produce commercials, sketches and radio dramas. Once and a while students will ask Scott to take a role or become an announcer. Here are some examples of that work.

A Brand New Car! Kia Commercial - Created by James Murray - Announcer at End

Royal Bank Commercial - Created by Joyce Kotsos - Dad

Traffic Girl - Created by Joyce Kotsos - Announcer at Start

The Get Outta Heeahz - Created by Nick Sugrive - Mother


Groundhogsday is a listening party. Participants would often create original material for the event. The following is a small sampling of some of the audio sketches Scott has produced and voiced specifically for the audio festival.

Actors & Characters PTA Meeting - All character voices

William & Patrick - Interviewer

Muppets off duty - All character voices